Bitirme ve Makine Projeleri Başvuru evrakları ve tarihleri;

-Projeler için Önemli Tarihler ve Yöntem

–Bitirme Projeleri Alım Formları

-Bitirme-Makine Projeleri Ön Formu

-Makine Projesi-I Alım Formu

-Makine Projesi-II Alım Formu

Bitirme ve Makine Projeleri Hazırlarken kullanılacak evraklar ve yardımcı dokümanlar:

–Bitirme ve Makine Projeleri Yazım Klavuzu

–Bitirme Projesi I-II Yazım Şablonu

–Makine Projesi I-II Yazım Şablonu

–Bitirme Projesi I-II Kapak Formu

–Makine Projesi I-II Kapak Formu

Bölümümüz Bitirme ve Makine Projeleri Koordinatörü Yrd. Doç. Dr. Şule Kapkın‘dır. Bölüme teslim edilecek tüm evrakların teslimi koordinatöre yapılmalıdır.


–Makine Projesi I-II Teslim Kuralları

–Bitirme Projesi I-II Teslim Kuralları

Değerlendirme aşamasında Öğretim üyelerinin kullanacağı formlar:

–Bitirme Projesi I Değerlendirme ve Sunum Formu

–Bitirme Projesi II Değerlendirme ve Sunum Formu

–Makine Projesi I-II Not Listesi


The students, who are supposed to do internship, are required to follow the followings.

1)-The student, who is supposed to do internship, at first, is required to obtain the documents below from the department and faculty web sites.

a)- 1st Numbered Petition and Attachment
b)- Internship Form , Health Benefits Declaration Form  ve Score Card Form
c)- Internship Information Form
d)- 2nd Numbered Petition
e)- Student Internship Record Document
f)- Internship Report (Once the internship is completed, this document is covered in white paperback)

2)- Student applies to the company, where is considered to perform internship, with the I. Nolu dilekçe ve eki. A member of the Internship Commission signs the petition.

3)- The student, whose internship application was accepted, is taken out insurance by the university. To carry out this, the student is required to fill out via a computer and deliver the following documents in a sheet protector due on 45 days before internship start date:

2 Internship Form (2 original copy),

1 Health Benefits Declaration Form

1 copy of the National Identity card

1 copy of student card

1 Internship Information Form.

Internship Form must be filled in via a computer. The internship of the students, who do not have insurance, is not considered as valid. Zorunlu staj formu (Internship Form), Sağlık Yardımı Beyan ve Taahhütnamesi ( Health Benefits Declaration Form) and Puantaj Cetveli (Score Card Form) are available on Engineering Faculty web site.

4)- The student, who has completed the above process, is required to paste his/her Picture to Staj Bilgi Formu (Internship Information Form) and Staj Defteri (Practice Reports), and then, get them signed with II. Nolu dilekçe – 2nd Numbered Petition by a member of Internship Commission. Next, Öğrenci Staj Sicil Formu (Student Internship Record Document) and Staj Defteri (Practice Reports) must be approved by Student Affairs (Öğrenci İşleri) Department. Internship of the students, who do not complete necessary confirmations, is considered as invalid. I. Nolu dilekçe ve eki (1st Numbered Petition and Attachment) are delivered to the company at the beginning of internship.

5)- The students, who complete the insurance and approval processes, are allowed to start the internship.

6)-Student who does the internship submit the “Checking Table” which is filled and signed by firm to the student office from the end of the relevant month and within 10 days from the end of the month. Also, student brings “Student Internship Evaluation Form” which is filled and approved by the firm officer within the “closed and approved envelope” to the head of department (“Student Internship Evaluation Form” is given to the student within closed envelope or it is posted to the head of department). “Internship notebook” is submitted the department with signature until the declared day at the beginning following academic year.

7)- If the students do not have the internship notebook or student internship record form, students internships can not be accepted.

Board of Internship

Asst. Prof. Dr. L. Emir SAKMAN (President)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Cüneyt ERTAL (Member)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erman ASLAN (Member)


Question 1. Can I ask a question about internship?

Answer 1. Of course, you can. However, firstly, you are sure that look the internship board or visit the department internet page to find the knowledge about your questions. If you do not find the answers about your questions, you can ask the questions member of the internship board within their meeting time.

Question 2. Stajımı ne zaman yapabilirim?

Answer 2. You can start your internships at the beginning of the summer holiday which is after make-up examinations. You have to take into consideration the public holidays and next term first day when you determine the internship start and end days. You have to submit the documents about the internship to the member of internship board 45 days before internship start (first) day.

Question 3. Can I do my two internships at the same firm in summer holidays?

Answer 3. Yes, you can. If you have enough time in summer time, you can do all three internships in the same company. However, there are two conditions must be fulfilled. First of all, you must be in the third year of summer break, then each internship must be done in the different department or division of the company.

Question 4. I will do my two internships at the same company. How should I prepare the application forms?

Answer 4. If you are planning to do internships without giving a break, then it is going to be adequate to fill just one internship application form including two/three internships’ dates. But report and result documents should be separate for each internship.

Question 5. What should I do if the company demands insurance documents?

Answer 5. The insurance documents can be requested from student affairs office one week before the starting date of internship, if the application documents are completely delivered to the internship commission.

Question 6. How will I prepare the internship report?

Answer 6. The report content is the proof of your internship. It should be legibly hand written with a pen. Work hours, dates and titles should be clearly declared. Content should be well-matched with the related internship. Daily work should be reported with literature and references. The entire document should be sealed and signed.

Question 7. I am going to be graduating this semester. What should I do when I complete my internship?

Answer 7. Submit your internship documents asap when you complete your internship. Afterwards you can contact the student affairs office for graduation process.

Question 8. I finished my classes, I need to prepare my project and my last internship. Can I do my internship during semester?

Answer 8. You can do your internship during semester if you don’t have any obligation to attend classes.